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Band site + hosting 20$ / month

All you do is add your content! | Tout que vous est ajoute votre contenu !
Benefits: Sell music or merch, connect with fans on your latest shows, photos, or videos.
Features: music player, store, bios, blog, shows, photo gallery, video clips. WYSIYG Editor to publish content.
Optional features: mailing list, polls, ads, forum, and gigs calendar.

General CMS features:

* Completely database-driven site engines
* Easy to use graphical administrative interface
* Text editor similar to WordPad
* Create, publish, and reorder and edit articles in a click
* Create your own publishing schedule
* News, products or services sections fully editable and manageable
* News feed manager. Choose from over 400 news feeds from around the world
* Built-in Help files
* Built-in site search engine
* Trash Manager (A "Recycle Bin" for your web site)
* Advertising management (banners, etc)
* Media (images, documents) upload and management
* Content display scheduling
* Build-in content syndication (RSS)
* Search engine friendly (SEF) URL's
* WYSIWYG content editor support (built into the CMS)
* Simple polls
* Email-a-friend and Print-format(pdf) for every story and article services:
- quality hosting and support
- hosting plus CMS
- custom design